Population Bomb Summary

Topics: Demography, Population, Overpopulation Pages: 3 (584 words) Published: March 8, 2013

Avoid a non military threat that ranks in importance with thermonuclear war. The non military threat is over population 9 billion people cramped into the world that now has trouble holding 6.5 billion.

American is starting released that underdeveloped countries of the world face inevitable population- food crises. It now seems that it will continue to its logical conclusion: mass starvation….of these poor, a minimum ten million people, most of them children, will starve to death during each year of the 1970s. But this will be a mere handful compared to that this will be starving before the end of the century.

Instead, the global growth rate dropped from 2 percent in the mid-1960s to roughly half that today, with many countries no longer producing enough babies to avoid falling populations.

Indeed, the global population of children younger than 5 is expected to fall by 49 million as of mid-century, while the number of people older than 60 will grow by 1.2 billion.

Then, because of the continuing fall in birth rates, humans will face the very real prospect that our numbers will fall as fast - if not faster - than the rate at which they once grew.

Today, however, we see that birth rates are reducing below replacement levels even in countries hardly known for luxury.

Of the 59 countries producing fewer children than needed to sustain their populations, 18 are characterized by the United Nations as "developing," i.e., not rich.

Indeed, most developing countries are experiencing population aging at extraordinary rates.

South Korea and Taiwan, with some of the lowest birth rates of any major country, will lose population within 15 years.

Population of 310 million will continue to grow relative to that of the rest of the developed world, primarily because its birth rate, while barely at replacement level, is still higher than that of almost any other industrialized country.

Consider what happened with Puerto Rico, where...
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