High Population Growth Rate

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>High birth rate

Improved health care

It gives people a higher chance of survival. In African countries like TANZANIA, it is compulsory for all babies to be vaccinated.This vaccination protected the babies from certain disease and hence many lives are saved.

It allowed women to led a healthier life, and hence prolong their child-bearing years. ESPECIALLY SIGNIFICANT FOR WOMEN WHO MARRY IN THEIR TEENS.

Lack of family planning.
People in developing countries are mostly uneducated and hence some of them are unaware of birth-control methods.
Resistance to family planning
In some community, it is a status symbol to have many children as only the rich can afford it.

Preferences for boys.
Many society regards son as a valuable assets as they are able to carry on the family name. They can also take care of their parent when they are old
and hence, couples might keep having children until they have a son, especially in rural farming communities in Asia.

Children as a source of labour
In poor farming communities, children are a source of income as they can work in farms or else where to earn extra income.

In order to have a larger family work force and income, families tend to have more children.

>Low Death Rate

A better living environment

Improved health care services
Access to nutritious food, clean water
Cleaner , better living environment.
Peace and stability in the country.
no war, no unrest= peace, less people dying.
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