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The paper lasts for 2 hours and 15 minutes and carries 50% of your marks. There are 2 sections:
A. PLACES – 1. The European Union, including the UK
2. Less Economically Developed Countries 3. More Economically Developed Countries, outside EU

B. THEMES – 1. Physical Systems and Environments
2. Natural Hazards and People
3. Economic Systems and Development
4. Populations And Settlement.

You should spend 15 minutes reading the exam paper and then 30 minutes on each of your questions. You must choose TWO out of three questions in Section A and in Section B - 1 OR 2. AND 3 or 4.


How you revise your work will depend a lot on what works for you, but it would be sensible to revise your work under the headings for the exam. What follows is an outline of what you need to know under each of the headings in each section of the exam paper. There are also exam questions from the last two years.

The BBC website ‘Bitesize’ also has online revision questions [].

|Theme 1 |Theme 2 |Theme 3 |Theme 4 | |Physical |Natural Hazards |Economic |Population and | |Systems and |and People |systems and development |Settlement | |Environments | | | | |(a) Geomorphic processes and |(a) The nature and distribution of |(a) Economic systems |(a) Population distribution, | |landforms |natural hazards |(b) Economic activity, growth and change |structure and change | |(b) Atmospheric processes and |(b) The processes responsible for natural|(c) International disparities, trade and |(b) The location and function of | |climate |hazards |interdependence |settlements | |(c) Physical environments and systems |(c) The effects of natural hazards on | |(c) Land use within settlements | | |people | |(d) The growth and decline of | | | | |settlements |


What about CASE STUDIES?

About a third of the marks for each question are based on knowing details of a case study – we’ve looked at a lot of real life examples of the Geographical processes we have studied – eg The River Severn, Migration in Brazil and Industry in Japan. Use this revision book to find out which case studies you need, then make a note of them on the table below so you know what to learn.

|CASE STUDY |PLACE/AREA |( | | | | | | | | | |...
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