Economic Development for Fragile Countries

Topics: Population, Demography, Economic development Pages: 9 (1989 words) Published: March 6, 2013
University of Waterloo
Department of Economics
Econ 383: Economic Development for Fragile Countries
Fall 2012

All information related to the Final Exam is provided in this file.

Time & Date: Friday, December 14 from 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm

Allocated Rooms for the Exam: PAC 9 & 10

Office Hours for the Final Exam Period:
Monday and Wednesday from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm
Friday from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm

The Final exam for this course is comprehensive. The exam will include all materials covered during the lectures for this course.

1. Development and Underdevelopment
Todaro – Chapters 1 & 2
Ray – Chapter 2

2. Alternative Theories of Development
Todaro – Chapters 3 & 4
Ray – Chapters 3 & 4

3. Inequality, Poverty and Underdevelopment
Ray - Chapters 7 & 8
Todaro - Chapter 5

Internal Dimensions of Development
4. Population
Todaro - Chapter 6
Ray - Chapter 9

5. Agriculture
Todaro - Chapter 9
Ray - Chapters 11 & 12

6. Urbanization and Rural Urban Migration
Todaro - Chapter 7
Ray - Chapter 10

1. Amartya Sen (December 1983), "Development: Which way now?"
The Economic Journal, 93(372), pg. 74562.
2. Stavros.Theofanides (1988), "The Metamorphosis of Development Economics", World
Development, 16 (12), pg. 1455-63.
3. Robert Dorfman (January 1991), "Economic Development from the Beginning
to Rostow", Journal of Economic Literature, 29(2), pg. 573-582 (sections 1 to IV only).
4. R. Amin et al (April 1994), "Poor women's Participation in Income-generating Projects
and their Fertility Regulation in Rural Bangladesh: Evidence from a Recent Survey."
World Development, 22(4), pg 555-565. [Summary of the paper can be found in the file titled
“Summary of the Journal Articles”-will be uploaded soon]

(1). Read both the textbook and the lecture notes thoroughly to perform well in the final exam. (2). Try to solve the problems at the end of each chapter from Todaro. (3). Solve the sample questions for the two midterm exams.

(4). I am including an additional sample test in this file for you to work out. A brief (incomplete) solution for the short questions is provided. (5). Read the assigned articles and summarize the key concepts.

Important Concepts:
Population population growth in many developing countries affects their chances of becoming more economically developed, and conversely, economic development affects population growth. Historical and recent trends in population

* The dependency burden
* The hidden momentum of population growth
* The demographic transition
Population growth rate
* Fertility(birth) and mortality (death) rates
* Age specific fertility rates
* The “echo effect”
The demographic transition (the three stages of development) Two models of population
-The Malthusian model
- The microeconomic household theory of fertility
Population growth is a real problem
Population growth is not a real problem
Policy prescriptions for developed and developing countries

Agriculturecountry’s development strategy must include plans for achieving agricultural progress and rural development. Three complementary elements of agriculture and employment-based strategy Stylized facts about agriculture and development

The structure of agrarian systems in the developing World
Three types of countries:
* Agriculture based countries
* Transforming countries
* Urbanized countries
Latin America the Latifundio–Minifundio dualistic pattern Asia (Transforming Economies) Fragmentation and subdivision of peasant land Africa Subsistence agriculture and shifting cultivation
Four types of markets in agricultural production land, labor, capital and credit Uncertainty and risk in agriculture market
Two types of tenancy
* Fixed rent...
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