Bio 116 Hw Asssignment

Topics: Demography, Population, Population growth Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Professor Markham
5 October 2012
Homework assignment # 4
Ch. 5 p. 113
8. What factors most strongly influence the type of biome that forms in particular place on land? What type of factors determines the type of aquatic system that may form in a given location? The two factors that strongly influence the type of biome on land is the temperature and the precipitation. The type of factors that strongly influence aquatic systems is water temp, salinity, dissolved nutrient’s, wave action, currents, depth, and substrate. Ch. 6 p. 376

1. What is the approximate climate current human global population? How many people are being added each day? The approximate human population is 7 billion. An estimation of 200 thousand people is being added each day. 2. Why has the human population continued to grow in spite of environmental limitations? Do you think this growth is sustainable? Because there isn’t any regulations or laws pertaining to how many children a women can have. So unless that happens, the population will continue to grow despite environmental limitations. I think eventually this growth will not be sustainable because eventually the natural resources we need in order to survive will be gone. 4. Explain the IPAT model. How can technology either increase or decrease environment impact? Provide at least two examples. The IPAT model is an equation that provides an estimation to analyze the determinates of environment impact. The “I” stands for total impact, The “P” stands for population, the “A” stands for affluence, and the “T” stands for technology. Technology can either increase or decrease environment impact. Technology can enhance our ability to exploit our environment around us. It can increase it can increase the amount of our natural resources we use by for example just running the technology, but it can also decrease environment impact by harnessing renewable energy, improving manufacturing efficiency, or many other things. 5. What...
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